In 2013, the GW Board of Trustees charged Chair Carbonell to form a committee of Board members, Faculty, and Administrators, to engage with the GW Faculty in a review of faculty governance over the 2013-2014 academic year. The Faculty Governance Task Force (FGTF) met with faculty of each of GW's ten schools and conducted open town hall meetings on the Foggy Bottom, Mount Vernon and Virginia Campuses to assess the Faculty Code's alignment with the University's Strategic Plan.

To read an Open Letter from Chair Carbonell to the GW Faculty, click here.


In 2014, the GW Board of Trustees charged the Chair of the Academic Affairs Committee with forming four working groups, each chaired by a member of the Board of Trustees, to include trustees, faculty and administrators, to engage with the faculty and the administration in a further review of faculty governance to be completed during the 2014-2015 academic year.

Working Group Members

Grace Speights*
Mark Hughes
Paula Lantz
Joan Butler
Lorena Barba
Gretchen Wiersma
Derek Malone-France
Tom Geurts

Appointment, Promotion and Tenure
Terry Collins*
Kyle Farmbry
Dianne Martin
Sylvia Marotta
Paul Wahlbeck
Pinhas Ben-Tzvi
Margaret Plack
Karen McDonnell
Christine Pintz
Edward Swaine
Hugh Agnew
Ravi Achrol

Appointment and Review of Academic Administrators
Weston Burnett*
David Nadler
Rene Stewart O'Neal
David Dolling
Anton Sidawy
Gail Weiss
Greg Maggs
Alan Greenberg
Paul Duff
Leo Moerson

School Rules and Procedures
Scott Amey*
Titilola Harley
Forrest Maltzman
Marie Price
Doug Shaw
Mary Jean Schumann
Ryan Watkins
Gary Simon
Scott Pagel
Jennifer Spencer
Josef Reum
Toni Marsh
Suresh Subramaniam

*denotes Chair

Guiding Documents

Board Resolution

Charter of The George Washington University
Bylaws of The George Washington University 
The George Washington University Faculty Code 
Faculty Organization Plan

Documents Distributed to Faculty

Faculty Meetings Overview
Faculty Meetings Framework
Board Resolution
Strategic Plan
The George Washington University Faculty Code
Draft Guiding Principles

Notes from Task Force Meetings with Faculty

January 2014

GSEHD Faculty
Business School Faculty
CCAS Department Chairs
Law School Faculty
SEAS Faculty

February 2014
School of Nursing Faculty

March 2014
Virginia Campus Town Hall
Foggy Bottom Campus Town Hall #1
Foggy Bottom Campus Town Hall #2
Foggy Bottom Campus Town Hall #3

Please share your thoughts on faculty governance here at GW. Faculty may also send their comments or concerns to All comments are confidential.

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