Executive Committee

Mission Statement

The Executive Committee is available to act on behalf of the Board of Trustees between meetings.  The committee also serves as a resource for the Board chair and president and undertakes other tasks as needed and appropriate. 

The committee facilitates the presidential and senior executive assessment and compensation processes and is responsible for establishing compensation policies and practices, as well as approving the compensation and employment arrangements of designated officials of the university, including the president.  This includes:

  • establishing, reviewing, and implementing compensation policies and practices including maintaining written guidelines with respect to senior executives of the university, including the president;
  • regularly assessing presidential performance and working with the president to set the Board’s performance expectations for presidential performance; and
  • carrying out the compensation review and approval process in compliance with applicable federal regulations.

Approved by the Executive Committee on September 9, 2013 and approved by the Board of Trustees on October 18, 2013.


Nelson Carbonell, Jr., Chair
Ellen Zane, Vice Chair
Grace Speights, Secretary
Roslyn Brock
Amr ElSawy
Madeleine Jacobs
Thomas LeBlanc, President
Ave Tucker
George Wellde, Jr.