Governance and Nominations

Mission Statement

The Committee on Governance and Nominations is responsible for contributing to and furthering the Board’s ability to govern, not manage, the affairs of the university, through a process that recognizes the importance of transparent and direct communication with the university’s officers and administration.

In the area of governance, this includes:

  • reviewing, and making recommendations on, matters of Board governance;
  • reviewing the bylaws of the university periodically, and considering revisions as appropriate;
  • establishing and reviewing procedures for trustee training, including educating trustees about the university and their responsibilities as trustees;
  • assisting the Chair of the Board in developing trustee stewardship;
  • evaluating trustee performance;
  • evaluating Board effectiveness;
  • making recommendations regarding the conduct of Board meetings;
  • planning a succession process for presidential transition; and
  • planning a succession process for the Board Chair and other Board officers.

In the area of nominations, this includes:

  • reviewing and nominating trustee candidates for consideration by the Board, guided by the Criteria for Selection of Members of the Board of Trustees of the George Washington University;
  • reviewing and nominating Board officers;
  • making sure that the university has the minimum number of trustees required by the bylaws; and
  • recommending candidates for university officer positions for consideration by the Board.

Criteria for Selection of Members of the Board of Trustees
of the George Washington University

The Board of Trustees of the George Washington University seeks as trustees individuals of the highest integrity who demonstrate a strong commitment to devote their knowledge, time and financial resources to the benefit of the university.  In identifying and selecting persons to be nominated or renominated to the Board to serve as trustees, the Board’s Committee on Governance and Nominations will consider the following criteria:

  • experience that will benefit the Board and the university;
  • commitment to engage in significant financial support of the university and provide leadership in fundraising on behalf of the university;
  • commitment to attend Board meetings and standing committee meetings, as well as to complete Board assignments between meetings;
  • a strong record of interest or involvement in higher education or philanthropic activities;
  • ability to contribute to Board diversity;
  • a history of leadership and achievements that reflects high standards; and
  • reputation in the community as a person of intelligence, integrity, skill, experience and good judgment.

In addition, the committee will assess the impact of:

  • any conflicts of interest (or potential conflicts of interest); and
  • in connection with renominations, the nominee’s past effectiveness and participation as a member of the Board.

Approved by Committee on Governance and Nominations on October 16, 2014, and the Board of Trustees on October 17, 2014.



Grace Speights, Chair
Gabbi Baker
Roslyn Brock
Mark Chichester
Cynthia Steele Vance
Martha Wyrsch