Medicine and Clinical Partnerships

Mission Statement

The Strategic Committee on Medicine and Clinical Partnerships is responsible for guiding the university through the next phase of preparing its medical programs for success in an increasingly competitive environment. This includes:
  • representing the Board in communications with the university's clinical partners;
  • reviewing information about potential areas of institutional risk and compliance and advising the administration and Board on potential university responses;
  • working with the clinical partners on issues of governance and alignment; and
  • providing advice and guidance on strategic planning for the clinical partnerships.
It is also responsible for oversight of the School of Medicine and Health Sciences (SMHS), with a focus on education and research, sound budgeting, and progress on established goals and advocacy on strategic endeavors.
The committee will continue to work with other committees having specific oversight in other areas such as finance and development and alumni affairs on issues related to SMHS and clinical partnerships.
Approved by the Strategic Committee on Medicine and Clinical Partnerships on October 15, 2015 and approved by the Board of Trustees on October 16, 2015.


Ellen Zane, Chair
A. Michael Hoffman
Stuart Kassan
Jay Katzen
Grace Speights