The George Washington University Board of Trustees may elect former trustees who have demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to the university through their distinctive and meritorious service as trustees emeriti, which is a lifetime recognition.


Chair Emeriti


Oliver T. Carr, Jr., HON '98

John D. Zeglis, HON '02

W. Russell Ramsey, BBA '81, HON '14

Nelson A. Carbonell, Jr., BS '85


Trustees Emeriti


Richard Blackburn, JD '67

Joseph L. Brand, JD '63

Nancy Broyhill, BA '65

Henry "Ric" Duques, BBA '65, MBA '69

Emilio Fernandez, MS '76

I. Allan From, BBA '72

Morton I. Funger, AA '52, BA '53

David Gladstone

Gary Granoff, BBA '69, JD '73

Mark V. Hughes, BA '69, MS '77

Theodore N. Lerner, AA '48, LLB '50

Thaddeus A. Lindner, AA '50, BA '51, HON '94

Raymond J. Oglethorpe, MS '69

The Honorable B. J. Penn, MS '80

Linda D. Rabbitt, MA '72

Sharon Percy Rockefeller

Mark R. Shenkman, M.B.A.' 67

Lydia W. Thomas

Robert L. Tull, AA '48, BA '49

The Honorable Mark R. Warner, BA '77, HON '03

J. McDonald Williams, JD '66