GW/VA Campuses

Mission Statement

The Committee on GW/VA Campuses is responsible for oversight of the university’s activities in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  This includes:

  • providing policy guidance regarding the university’s educational offerings, research, and collaborative work with industry, non-profits, and local, state, and national government agencies located in the Commonwealth of Virginia;
  • working with the Virginia Science and Technology Campus (VSTC) Advisory Council to help guide the VSTC to contribute optimally to the university and to develop programs and facilities at the VSTC;
  • collaborating with university administrators and faculty members to create campuses and education centers that make a positive contribution to the Commonwealth of Virginia; and
  • formulating short- and long-term strategies for the university’s activities in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Approved by Committee on GW/VA Campuses on October 7, 2013 and the Board of Trustees on October 18, 2013.

Committee Members

David C. Karlgaard, Chair
W. Scott Amey
Christopher J. Bright
Terry Collins
J. Richard Knop